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Debut in my first Professional event

On the 10th October 2012 I was invited to take part in the launch event of a brand new professional tour - The Players Tour. This was held at the London Club Kent, over the International Golf Course off the blue tees which measure over 7,000 yards. I would still be playing as an amateur so could not claim any prize fund or OOM points, but what I would get is the fantastic experience of playing along side professional golfers. It is a fantastic golf course, if you get the chance to play it you must, very long though off the blue tees and the pins were set to the same as when they hold European Tour qualifying, also with little run on the fairways the course was playing as hard as it could get. I was very nervous at the start and through 9 holes was 6 over par. I made good pars on 10 & 11 and then after two consecutive birdies got myself back to only 4 over for the comp. I carried on with pars all the way up to the 17th where I was really disappointed to make a double bogey, followed by a bogey on 18 to finish at +7. It was a day of ifs and butts - if I could have not made the two doubles bogeys I would have only been +3 for the day and in for a tie of 5th place. Not to be, I had to sign for my 7 over, I cant wait for next event though If you follow this link and go to picture 19 you will see me on the right (white hat) wearing my Parallel Clothing

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