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2012 Review

With the main season coming to an end in October and before all the winter golf starts up, thought I would keep everyone up to date on my season so far. My season as Junior Captain of Wrag Barn has been the best ever and something I will remember forever. Last week we won the Junior County League for only the second time since the league has been going (1986) previous victory was 2005. We now go onto the South West finals to try and win a place in the UK Final. It's been a really successful year, and I have done well in many competitions 1st Place - Captains Drive in (Wrag Barn) 1st Place - Simon Beadle Memorial Trophy (Wrag Barn) 1st Place - Seve Trophy (Wrag Barn) 1st Place - Pairs Day (Woodbridge Park) 1st Place Wiltshire Team Shield individual Gross (Ogbourne Downs) 2nd Place Junior Championships (Wrag Barn) As well as my County Foursomes victory mentioned earlier in my blogs. Still have a few weeks left yet and a few more comps to go so will write again soon Matt Mumford.

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