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Worsley Park

Spent the day at Worsley Park, playing full handicap stableford in the Golf Monthly Centenary day. Fantastic weather with glorious sunshine and a slight breeze helped me to a total of 30 points. Sadly I could have made a tie for the win had I not been drawn into the Long Drive showdown on the 18th. Macho behaviour brought on by some great driving that day.... at least I could not blame my funky Parallel shirt, as I had felt so good playing in it all day, it kept me cool in the sun and drew quite a bit of interest as a "new" brand from the group I was playing in. Pete Lavery, Mal Hodson and Stephen Briggs (who all were happy to be mentioned in this blog) admired my Parallel Asymmetric Golf Polo Shirt - Red PC-048 Pete in particular was impressed by the cutting edge style of the product. Some photos of this event will be added later when they are published by Golf Monthly.

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