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The Fundamentals

Over the past month or so I've been striking the ball quite well off the tee and from about 150 yards and out with my irons. However, when I got to 100 yards and in I was horrible! I was air mailing greens, hitting thin, fat, coming up short, pretty much anywhere but on the green. Not very good considering those are your scoring clubs. I lost all confidence in those clubs. So bad that I would even consider taking a 6 iron and hitting a bump from 100 yards if there wasn't any trouble in front of the green. That might actually be a good play on some links style courses but not around me where it's mainly parkland-type courses. This past week I went to my swing coach to get a quick tune up. It turns out that I was getting too upright in my posture. It has always been a tendency of mine but he said it was the most upright that he had ever seen me. As soon as I got more bent over from the waist it felt awful and very uncomfortable but I started making solid contact again and the distance with the wedges became consistent again. This just goes to show how important the fundamentals of grip, alignment and posture are. You hear it all the time but it\'s not until you experience something like this that you really begin to realize it. I've been working on the range with the new posture to get used to it and will be testing it out on the course this weekend hopefully!

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