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US Amateur Qualifier

It's been a busy past couple weeks! Tomorrow I will be qualifying at the Wigwam Golf Resort for the US Amateur. I've come close to qualifying in the past and would absolutely love to qualify to compete in my country's national championship. I was able to play a practice round today and will need to play the par 3's well and take advantage of every scoring opportunity on the par 5's on the golf course. Need to drop some putts to get through. Last week I competed in the Arizona State Amateur qualifier and qualified with a 73. Not my best performance, but I'll be ready to compete in the AZ State Amateur at the beginning of August in Tucson Arizona. The game felt great during the qualifier, but I struggled once again with the putter. I've been focusing on my visualization when putting and trying to allow the athlete in me take over when I putt. I've seen some improvement in my last few practice rounds and am hoping that it will translate tomorrow into a great first round score to put me in a good position to qualify. I'll keep you all updated about how the qualifier goes. I'd love to represent Parallel on a national level after hopefully qualifying!

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